Our Projects

Here you will find an overview of our current projects in La Paz.

Streetwork and Work with Homeless People

Every week our interns and/our volunteers reach 10-12 groups of homeless people. They meet and spend the night under bridges, on public squares and streets, in the forest or in unfinished buildings. Up to 40 people are reached and cared for every month.

Food Bank La Paz

Food for body and soul – Medical first care

Every Wednesday afternoon, the rehabilitation center cooks for 140-150 people in order to give these meals to women, children and men from various groups of people. In addition to many drug addicts and homeless people, there are also numerous older people who depend on the Food Bank La Paz because of their low or non-existent pension.

Addiction Assistance in the Rehabilitation Center

Stationary addiction assistance in our rehabilitation center 

6-10 men between the ages of 18 and 58 can take part in our rehabilitation program, which enables them complete addiction therapy. Since our Comunidad Terapéutica Soforthilfe (CTSH) is one of the very few centers, they come voluntarily and ask for admission.


Skating offers children and young people a refuge from their rough everyday life

In October 2013, the Soforthilfe La Paz e.V. received a visit from Hanover. Arne Hillerns from “make life skate life“ presented a breathtaking project: the construction of a skate park for children and young people from disadvantaged social backgrounds at an altitude of almost 4000 meters.

Family Aid

We accompany families

An exciting new pilot project of the Soforthilfe La Paz is the family aid. Looking after children in a day care or after school care center is one thing, but in their home, in their real everyday life and in the family environment, in poverty, violence, is a completely different challenge.

Juvenile Offenders

Around 80 young people aged between 13 and 18 take part in our weekly program. Our interdisciplinary team, together with a volunteer from the Weltwärs program (a development volunteer service run by the German Federal Ministry for Cooperation and Development) is visiting these boys who got into trouble with the law in early life.

Mothers and Children in Prison

According to a newspaper report from the beginning of 2023 (Pagina Siete; February 9, 2023), there are almost 25.000 people living in Bolivian prisons built for 6.765 prisoners (exact number according to “Regimen Penitenciario”: 24.824).