Soforthilfe La Paz e.V.

What we do

Soforthilfe La Paz e.V. helps socially disadvantaged people in La Paz (Bolivia) by offering to them help to help themselves.

These people live on the margins of society – in extreme poverty, in inhumane conditions and to a large extent, in homelessness.

Whether they are children or adults, the people who come to us or who we visit are exposed to violence, aggression and abuse on a daily basis. They often have no chance of ever getting out of the cycle of poverty, exclusion from educational opportunities, violence and addiction without support or guidance.

Soforthilfe La Paz e.V. helps regardless of skin colour, origin, religion or gender: To ensure that life is not just a struggle for survival, we offer pastoral care, psychological support, social pedagogy help and participation in rehabilitation measures in the outpatient and stationary area for those in need. At its end, there is integration into society, affirmation of life and hope for the future.

DÍA A DÍA – a documentary about the Soforthilfe