Food Bank La Paz

Regular meals for the poor

Every Wednesday afternoon, the rehabilitation center cooks for 65 people in order to give these meals to women, children and men from various groups of people. In addition to many drug addicts and homeless people, there are also numerous older people who depend on the Food Bank La Paz because of their low or non-existent pension.

The Food Bank La Paz has been around since 1998. Initially it was a project of the local congregation, where employees of the Soforthilfe helped out on a voluntary basis. The congregation handed over all responsibility to the Soforthilfe La Paz e.V. in 2011.

Food for body and soul

The support of these people consists of more than just the provision of food. Before serving the hot meal, there is always a happy hour of songs, prayer and devotion, so that not only their stomachs but also the soul is nourished. Other themes which should help men and women in their everyday life are also discussed. Examples are law, health or hygiene.

Medical first care

Many of the deserving poor have no money to be able to afford a visit to the doctor. To treat at least simple injuries and illnesses, the Soforthilfe La Paz e.V. offers medical care every two weeks.