Addiction Assistance in the Rehabilitiation Center

Stationary addiction assistance in our rehabilitation center 

6-10 men between the ages of 18 and 58 can take part in our rehabilitation program, which enables them complete addiction therapy. Since our Comunidad Terapéutica Soforthilfe (CTSH) is one of the very few centers, they come voluntarily and ask for admission

The withdrawal unit became a therapy center

The CTSH looked back on 19 years of existence in 2023. The center for men with addiction problems was not a house where the stationary rehabilitation was carried out. Back then in 2004 they started small and called it “Casa de paso“, which means “halfway house“. Only the phase of physical withdrawal and the reintegration phase were offered. No therapy could be carried out. This was taken over by other centers. However, thanks to trained staff, a complete therapy can be carried out since 2008.

Structure and procedure of therapy

The therapy is divided into several phases from withdrawal to the leap into working life.

  1. Withdrawal phase
  2. Here the rehabilitant gets used to a constant daily structure, to life in a community and to reliably fulfilling the tasks assigned to him. Offers of work and sports therapy as well as a small bakery, group and individual talks help him to get to know himself and his learned protective mechanisms, to face conflict situations and to solve them without addictive drugs.
  3. Afterwards they switch to the reintegration phase with a little ceremony. In this phase, the rehabilitant should get used to a regular working life and save money in order to be able to rent his own room if he has no family or if his family no longer wants to receive him.
  4. After “graduation“ the serious side of life begins: it’s about obtaining identity papers, looking for a job and working. This is a major challenge for many of our rehabilitants – and often the gateway to a relapse. For this reason, special support is required for the man who dares to take his first important steps towards a self-determined life.

Therapy costs

The Bolivian health system does not provide for any oft the costs for the treatment of addicts. 2500 euros per month. on average, a person undergoing rehabilitation stays in the center for 9 months and then goes to outpatient aftercare (12 months).

Can you imagine becoming part of this important project of the Soforthilfe La Paz e.V. through a financial sponsorship?